The UI Elements

Even More Awesomeness


Alerts are a handy element you can drop into a form or inline on a page to communicate success, warnings, failure or just information. The syntax is extremely simple and like anything else in Foundation, easy to customize.

This is a standard alert (div.alert-box). ×
This is a success alert (div.alert-box.success). ×
This is a warning alert (div.alert-box.warning). ×
This is an error alert (div.alert-box.error). ×

Nav Bar

If you need a more traditional nav bar with dropdowns, you can use this sucka. The dropdowns are optional - omitting the flyout element and .has-flyout class means it will act as a standard link. The flyouts can hold arbitrary content, including grid objects, and have three sizes (.small, standard, and .large).

Note: In IE7 the dropdowns are obscured by the code snippet below. This is due to IE7s iframe z-index bug, and is not an issue with the dropdowns themselves. Try not to have dropdown elements over an iframe.

You can also drop inputs into the nav in place of an anchor. Here you can see a search input.

Sub Nav

If you need to provide simple and effective on-page navigation, to either jump to content on the page or flip to another view then use this awesome little sub-nav.


Labels are useful inline styles that can be dropped into body copy to call out certain sections or to attach metadata. Examples might be noting when something was updated or that something is new. The syntax is simple, just a spanelement with a class of .label. The border styling mirrors that of the Foundation buttons.

Regular Label Radius Label Round Label

Blue Label Red Label Black Label Green Label White Label

Added 01/19This paragraph has an inline label to let you know that it was added on January 19, 2012 courtesy of Thomas Klemm. Thanks man!


Tooltips are a quick way to provide extended information on a term or action on a page. They work cross browser and cross platfrom and are easily added to a page by including the jquery.tooltip.js plugin. You can apply the has-tipclass to any element, as long as you assign it a unique ID.

By default the tooltip takes the width of the element that it is applied to, but you can override this behavior by applying a data-widthattribute to the target element. The tooltip takes on the content of the targets titleattribute.

The tooltips can be positioned on the "tip-bottom", which is the default position, "tip-top" (hehe), "tip-left", or "tip-right"of the target element.In a mobile environment the tooltips are full width and bottom aligned.


Breaking stuff up into pages? Yeah you are. Here's some pagination to get you started.


Walking through a linear flow, or want to show where someone is in the hierarchy? Breadcrumbs are totally boss.

Breadcrumbs are built with a UL just like pagination, and they can support span or anchor elements with 'current' and 'unavailable' classes.


Okay, they're not the sexiest things ever, but tables get the job done (for tabular data).

Table Header Table Header Table Header Table Header
Content This is longer content Content Content
Content This is longer content Content Content
Content This is longer content Content Content
Content This is longer content Content Content


If you're embedding video from YouTube, Vimeo, or another site that uses iframe, embed or object elements you can wrap your video in div.flex-videoto create an intrinsic ratio that will properly scale your video on any device.



Microformats are formats for data objects represented on the page using standard HTML. By applying specific classes to objects parsers like the operator plugin can detect relevant data and display it. This can be especially handy for contact info, events, locations and news articles. We've supplied some base styling for microformats, as well as the relevant markup.


hCards are a microformat for contact information. We've represented the correct syntax here to ensure they are machine readable, as well as applied some minimal styling.


An hCalendar event is an iCalendar formatted entry for an event at a specific time and location. This can be interpreted by parsing tools to recognize events and add them to a calendar.

The Foundation Launch Party was on October 13 2011 from 24pm at ZURB HQ

Most of the documentation is by the Zurb Team. It's awesome & I'm thankful that they wrote such thorough documentation for an open source project. Most companies would never do that.

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