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I already given a 5-star rating, but I also wanted to provide my two cents in case anyone is unsure about purchasing this theme. Not only is the theme itself very versatile and easy to manipulate, but the support …

Joy Mergot


I am absolutely thrilled with this theme! I have never built a website before but your instructions and design make it both fun and easy to do. …Thanks a lot for your help! your support is AMAZING. 5 themeforest …

Elisa Meis


Bookmark this theme as one of your “Must Haves for 2012” This theme is without a doubt one of our Top 5 Purchases. Once you get used to how the content is organised in Admin, the applications are endless. The …

Ricardo Mori

Netsons Srl

I purchased this theme and I really like it. The theme authors have been very helpful in the support area of their website. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing a corporate wordpress theme.

Erica Evans

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