h1. Bootstrap heading

Semibold 36px

h2. Bootstrap heading

Semibold 30px

h3. Bootstrap heading

Semibold 24px

h4. Bootstrap heading

Semibold 18px
h5. Bootstrap heading
Semibold 14px
h6. Bootstrap heading
Semibold 12px

Progress Bars

Info with progress-bar-info class.

Success with progress-bar-success class.

Warning with progress-bar-warning class.

Danger with progress-bar-danger class.

Inverse with progress-bar-inverse class.

Inverse with progress-bar-inverse class.

35% Complete (success)
20% Complete (warning)
10% Complete (danger)





Add modifier classes to change the appearance of a badge.

Classes Badges
No modifiers 42
.badge-primary 1
.badge-success 22
.badge-info 30
.badge-warning 412
.badge-danger 999

Easily highlight new or unread items with the .badge class


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