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Badges are small, simple components for displaying an indicator or count of some sort. They're commonly found in email clients like Mail.app or on mobile apps for push notifications.

Available classes
Name Example Markup
Default 1 <span class="badge">1</span>
Success 2 <span class="badge badge-success">2</span>
Warning 4 <span class="badge badge-warning">4</span>
Important 6 <span class="badge badge-important">6</span>
Info 8 <span class="badge badge-info">8</span>
Inverse 10 <span class="badge badge-inverse">10</span>
Error or danger
Oh snap! Change a few things up and try submitting again.
Well done! You successfully read this important alert message.
Heads up! This alert needs your attention, but it's not super important.
Heads up! This alert needs your attention, but it's not super important.
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