Unlimited “Features tab”

This is a great javascript tab, that you can easily set using the custom post types. You can create unlimited features tab to show your images, shortcodes, text and much more. You can also put your products inside the tab!

  • sliders6 sliders (1 premium slider)
  • shortcodes100+ shortcodes
  • bg50+ backgrounds and patterns
  • colorsUnlimited colors
  • font300+ fonts included
  • forumVideotutorials and support forum
  • purchasePurchase Mèmento!

6 sliders (1 premium parallax slider)

We included 6 great sliders that you can use in all the pages of the theme. The nivo slider (a simple fade effect slider), the thumbnails slider (is the Mèmento slider we are using in the first home page of the theme), the nice Flash Slider, the great responsive and full width Elastic Slider and the Elegant slider.

Also, we purchased and included a premium slider (we payed 75$ to purchase it!), the Layers Parallax slider, an amazing slider with a lot of options and different parallax effects.

100+ shortcodes

We included a lot of shortcodes to help you to easily customize the theme. We included 140+ icons to create icons sections and 500+ more buttons with unlimited combinations of colors. Also you will find sliders, widgets, typography shortcodes, tab & toggles and so on.

Discovery the shortcodes features and design yourself your custom Mèmento theme.

50+ backgrouns and patterns

Customize Mayashop chosing the right color and your favourite background. You can set the layout boxed or stretched, chose from 50+ custom backgrounds or upload your background and edit the colors of the elements like titles, slogan, footer background, body background, links and so on.

  • 30 custom backgrounds (textures, woods, dark & light backgrounds, floreal backgrounds and so on)
  • 20 patterns, to combine with your favourite color to create a custom background
Unlimited colors

In Mèmento you can easily customize all the sections of theme using the color pickers: change the colors of links, text, titles, slogan and so on. You can easily change the color of the footer, of the top bar, of the navigation menu and so on, to give a fresh style to your mèmento theme.

300+ fonts included

In this theme you can chose from 300+ different fonts: you can use the Google fonts or the Cufon fonts (20 fonts includes: Folks, Waukegan, Santana, Nilland, Decker, Dustismo, Lobster, Champagne & Limousines, Bebas, Merge, Diavlo, Halo handwritten, Chunkfive, Days, Delicious, Reklame, Qlassik and League Gothic).

Videotutorials and support forum

After the purchase you can access in the support forum, where you will find a lot of videotutorials that can help you to set up your site. You can also open a new topic if you need support, and we will reply in max 24h to your questions.

Also, after the purchase you can download our sample data, that you can import in your site with just a click and make your wordpress exactly like our demo.

Mèmento: designed by yourself

Admin panel: take a look

Watch this short videotutorial to discovery the admin panel of Meménto!

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