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  • image01 Pointe
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    pointe /point/

    Dance performed on the tips of the toes

  • image02 Port de bras

    port de bras /ˌpôr də ˈbrä/

    An exercise designed to develop graceful movement and disposition of the arms

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  • image03 Plié

    pli·é /plēˈā/

    A movement in which a dancer bends the knees and straightens them again

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  • image04 Adagio

    a·da·gio /əˈdäjō/

    A movement or composition marked to be played adagio

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  • image05 Frappé


    Involving a beating action of the toe of one foot against the ankle of the supporting leg

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  • image06 Glissade

    glis·sade /gliˈsäd/

    One leg is brushed outward from the body, which then takes the weight while the second leg is brushed in to meet it

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  • image07 Jeté

    je·té /zhə-ˈtā/

    A springing jump made from one foot to the other in any direction

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  • image08 Piqué

    pi·qué /pēˈkā/

    Strongly pointed toe of the lifted and extended leg sharply lowers to hit the floor then immediately rebounds upward

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