We are a Digital Creative Problem Solver

with a strong focus on usability and value creation

New Features

There's been some pretty important changes to Slidorion. Here are some of these changes...

  • Allows embedded HTML

  • New random effect (slide, over and all)

  • Easier usability

  • Improved performance

  • Bug fixes; click disabled during transition

Background Image with HTML Text

You can give each individual slide a unique background image, allow for full customisation.

For a cool background effect, check out this demo

About Us

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Our specializations

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Social media marketing

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Commercial photoraphy

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WordPress Themes

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Information architecture

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Recent Projects

Here are just some of the recent projects we’ve been involved in. Explore our other projects to discover more about our recent innovations and achievements.

Recent Articles

This block displays your latest articles, the visibility, title and description are all controlled easily via the homepage tab in the admin options panel.

What people says

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