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Diskspace & Monthly Bandwidth
5 GB 15 GB
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50 GB 125 GB
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cPanel 11 (latest)
cPanel 11 (latest)
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6 Daily
6 Daily
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Managed VPS

A virtual server has the power and
combined control of a dedicated server.
  • 24 accessible cores
  • A minimum of 32GB DDR3
  • High performance disks
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Our network infrastructure

We choose carefully and only use the finest of networks and data centres in the UK and USA.
  • 24 Intel 2.7Ghz cores
  • We promise no more than 10 accs per core
  • Servers purchased directly from Dell
  • 100% Cisco powered networks
  • Intelligent traffic routing & inspection
  • SAS & SSD disks, lightning fast storage
  • Blend of premium tier 1 bandwidth carriers

Our Services

We offer full web development packages.
Get in touch for a quote! Our skills include...
  • Website design and development
  • Professional SEO Optimization
  • CMS Integration and installation
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Powered by OnApp

The OnApp Control Panel is fully customizable. It provides intuitive control over every aspect of your cloud.

Virtual machine management

You can create, start, stop or delete virtual machines directly from the control panel. The actions available to users depend on [...]

Change virtual machine resources

It's easy to scale up resources for virtual machines, or to scale back when needed.

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