Form elements

Inputs color


Text inputs

Radios and checkboxes

Checkables in buttons




Reversed style

The template includes a complete set of switches sizes, all focusable and controlable by keyboard:

Disabled Enabled As any input, they may be disabled:


This style mimics text inputs, so mixed elements can be included:


This is an information bubble to help the user.

Special inputs

Form validation

Regular inputs

Special inputs


Custom skin select:

These custom select come with advanced features:

  • Two opening modes: click and hover
  • Preserve original select width if set
  • Screen position auto-detect: the list open on top if there is not enough space below the select - even while scrolling!
  • Support for multiple selects, with easy-selection mode (enabled automatically on touch devices)
  • Display as drop-down or as list
  • Keyboard focus, scroll and select
  • Keyboard search: type one or more letters to jump to the first matching entry
  • Configuration options are set with classes and inline data attribute - no javascript needed
  • On touch screens, fallback to OS interface when selecting

Selects examples

Expandable list
For long values

By class or input

Check list
Touch friendly

Multiple selection
(hold Ctrl/Cmd)

Multiple + check
Easy selection

Multiple + allow empty
Easy selection

Single as list
(no multiple selection)
Multiple as list
(hold Ctrl/Cmd)
Multiple + check
Easy selection
In a tooltip
Context menu