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In Getting Good With Git, Nettuts+ Associate Editor Andrew Burgess will guide you through the sometimes-scary waters of source code management with Git, the fast version control system.

Git's speed, efficiency, and ease-of-use have made it the popular choice in the world of source code managers. And with a service like GitHub available for sharing your code, there's no question about whether learning Git is worth your time!

Working with staff who aren’t necessarily even in the same country let alone the same office is one of the most interesting parts of running a blog. It’s a method of work that is unique to this generation of business and there is little written on the subject.

In this book, Andrew Burgess will take you from knowing nothing about source code management to being able to use Git proficiently. You'll look at why you should use a version control system, why Git is better than the other options, and how to set up and use Git. This book covers some of the advanced features of Git, and includes an appendix of other resources that will take your Git knowledge to the next level. We'll even get to know GitHub!

iPhone App Entrepreneur

Gain insight from the pros and find out what you need to become a successful iPhone App Entrepreneur!

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Photoshop to HTML

The perfect book for when your design rocks and you're ready to code it.

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