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Meet Our Team

Our History

Mrs. Delorane had died of decline: people would say to one another, in confidence, they hoped Ellin might escape it. The largest and best farm in the neighbourhood of Timberdale, larger than even that of the Ashtons, was called the Dower Farm.

Out-of-doors he was the keen, active, thorough farmer; indoors he lived as a gentleman. He had four children: three boys and one girl. Nothing must prevent her journey upon the desert!

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Ray Singer, Manager at "Studio Francesca"

From her window she looked out toward it, so wonderful, so superb, so exquisite, weird and beautiful. Exactly, she told herself, like a big, black smudge.

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Katrina Bernski

One of our best shooting model, working for this company since the beginning.

Yolanda Bernski

One of our best shooting model, working for this company since the beginning.

Luna Galliano

One of our best shooting model, working for this company since the beginning.

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