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Who are we?

This pre-prototype Ramgen Engine operated through early 2007, by which time the Company had secured enough data to support the further development of its technology, all we need to do is provide a good things to our customers.

The collapse of the private and public new energy sector equity markets in the summer and fall of 2007 effectively prevented the Company from securing the funding it required and in early 2007, Ramgen began re-evaluating its options for developing.This process was accelerated in April 2007 when the DOE/NETL sponsored a formal Design Review that included Company, DOE, NASA and DOD scientists, This Design Review team confirmed the scientific validity of the Ramgen technology and developed an approach in which essential components of the overall technology were to be systematically completed. We do our best to solve any problem on your markeing issue, why don't you trust us ? we are your first choice.

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