Even the biggest success Starts with a first step

About BigBusiness LLC

This is a perfect place to place some sort of impressive info on how great your company is (it is great after all, isnt it?). Dont hesitate to put here anything that you think may positively influence the audience - whatever that may be (including what pets live in your office). But what you usually see at most of the About Us pages is the history of the project, team members, some sort of mission and objectives statements - thats the standard for the corporate website.

Our History

Ok, we all have started with something, right? Whatever your story is, it is better that you share the most significant parts of this story with the audience. Plus you may want to put some timeline-style milestones. Like these ones:

1997 - started out as garage-based financial expert consulting his classmates and his grandpa.

1998 - 2000 - the company still works in garage but the secretary has now joined the team after two-year negotiations.

2000 - 2003 - moved to a real office because Johns mom and dad bought a second car and theres no more room in the garage.

2003 - 2008 - the company became one of the top players of the financial market.

2008 - present - well, recession... Back to the garage...

Our Team

  • John Doe President and a big boss

    The presidents always come first, but were sure you knew that. So here it is - the info about the biggest man on your company.
  • Sam Cohen Vice president

    Also some kind of info about how good he is at whatever he does - thats what vice presidents are for.
  • Jane Doe Personal assistant

    This nice lady would love if you say a couple of good words about her on this page. Besides, its not a big deal for you - than why dont you be nice and just put the info.

Photos Gallery

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