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Illustrations, Graphics

Wed Design Tips

Blue Marble is a free css template for your personal or commercial websites. Credits go to PhotoVaco for photos, Dying Ice for Texture, jwloh for Aquaticus social icons and dev7studios for Nivo Slider.

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CSS Templates, Web Design

Web Development Tips

Cras porta porta turpis, sed ornare quam adipiscing non. Mauris sit amet ipsum enim. Mauris et elit eget risus congue malesuada aliquet eget augue. Credits go to Rawox for Photoshop Brushes and slideViewerPro for image slider.

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Marketing, Advertising

Affiliate Programs

All templates are absolutely free to download, modify and apply for your websites without any restriction. All of them are W3C standard compliant XHTML/CSS layouts. Enjoy! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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