The Hembygd CSS template

This is Hembygd, a themed version of the Inland CSS template from . Inland is a multi-layout design, and the first template to feature an image slider. Inland is made for template users who want a design that catches the attention of the website visitor and it is suitable for both personal websites and blogs, as well as for professional websites for companies and organizations. Hembygd brings a different touch to the template, through photos and customizations by Daniel Carlsson
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Standards-compliant code

The Inland template is written with standards-compliant HTML5 and CSS3.

Slider included

The slider is made with a jQuery plugin called Nivo Slider, created by Gilbert Pellegrom of dev7studios and released under the MIT Licence.

Multiple layout options

Single-column, two columns with left or right sidebars, three columns - or a combination of any two layout options.

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