Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a free websites template created by Templates.com team. This website template is optimized for 1024X768 screen resolution. It is also XHTML & CSS valid.

The website template goes with two packages – with PSD source files and without them. PSD source files are available for free for the registered members of Templates.com. The basic package (without PSD is available for anyone without registration).

This website template has several pages: home, About us, Article (with Article page), Contact us (note that contact us form – doesn’t work), Site Map.

Recent Articles

  • The Origin of Halloween

    Read the fascinating facts about the history and origin of Halloween. Learn about the history of the holiday's costumes, masks and celebrations.
  • About Halloween Template

    Free 1028X768 Optimized Website Template Collect from cssMoban.com! We really hope that you like this template and will use for your websites.
  • Halloween All Around the World

    In this sample article you will read about how Halloween is celebrated all around the world.
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